Get all Asset reference in a page in CQ

   String Pagepath = "/content/geometrixx/en"; //This would be your page path

   Resource r = resourceResolver.getResource(Pagepath+"/"+JcrConstants.JCR_CONTENT);

   Node n = r.adaptTo(Node.class);

   AssetReferenceSearch ref = new AssetReferenceSearch(n,DamConstants.MOUNTPOINT_ASSETS,resourceResolver);

   Map<String,Asset> allref = new HashMap<String,Asset>();


   for (Map.Entry<String, Asset> entry : allref.entrySet()) {

  String val = entry.getKey();

  out.println(val+"<br>"); // Path of all Asset ref in page

  Asset asset = entry.getValue();


Other way around

String damPath = "/content/dam/geometrixx/offices/basel kitchen.jpg";

   for (ReferenceSearch.Info info: new ReferenceSearch().search(resourceResolver, damPath).values()) {

  for (String p: info.getProperties()) {

           out.println("Path is "+info.getPage().getPath());


//See all methods available in info. For example to get replication status of ref page

final ReplicationStatus replStatus = info.getPage().adaptTo(ReplicationStatus.class);

                    if (replStatus != null) {

                       //replStatus.isActivated() will give you activation status ...